Malvika Patel

Not your typical children’s book author, Malvika Patel pens down a story and works to perfect it for over a year. The plot and the storyline have to be foolproof and the message of the story has to be relayed appropriately. She ensures that the story is not being preachy and resonates well with the age she is writing for.

She spends many hours researching the genre of the book she is writing, making sure that her book ticks all the boxes. Her books are edited multiple times until every word belongs, no more, no less.

She works closely with her illustrator discussing ideas for each page as they go along. The words in her books go hand in hand with the illustrations.

Her books aspire to entertain and challenge inquisitive little minds. With two books to be published this year and many more in her overflowing box of ideas, she cannot wait to reach out to all her adorable readers with her books.

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